SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Standalone License

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

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Linear simulation suite including optimization, thermal, fatigue, vibration, event-based motion, and more.

Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD software, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional provides powerful tools that expand the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, so you can investigate more tests and operating environments on both parts and assemblies.

  • Study and optimize assemblies of all sizes
  • Understand the effects of temperature changes on parts and assemblies
  • Simulate vibration or buckling in your designs
  • Optimize critical dimensions and conceptual design features
  • Simulate drop tests using your parts or assemblies
  • Study the effects of cyclic loading and fatigue
  • Predict Buckling or Collapse
  • Create motion simulations based on events and actions

SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions include:  

Thermal Fluid Analysis | Nonlinear Analysis | Structural Optimization | Finite Element Analysis | Motion Analysis | Linear Stress Analysis | Vibration Analysis | Fatigue Analysis | Thermal Analysis | Structural Analysis

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