6mm High Reflective Regular Adhesive Black Contour Positioning Targets - 5 Pack - 500/box (ACC-CRE-PTHRBC)

6mm High Reflective Adhesive Positioning Targets - 5 Pack - 500/box

Compatibility GO!SCAN 50 HandySCAN 300 HandySCAN 700 MaxSHOT Next - Elite
Vendor Part # ACC-CRE-PTHRBC-5
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6mm positioning targets with black contour, high reflectivity, and regular adhesive for the Go!SCAN 50, HandySCAN 300,HandySCAN 700, and MaxSHOT Next.

ACC-CRE-PTHRBC, on it's own, has a minimum order quantity of (5) five boxes when not purchased with a 3D scanner.