MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer (900-0002A)
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Vendor Part # 900-0002A
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The MakerBot METHOD X is a high performance, tinker-free 3D printer designed to handle the most complex 3D printing needs. Featuring a 100°C heated chamber, the METHOD X prints a wide range of complex and durable ABS parts and other material types. Delivering uncompromised performance right out-of-the-box, the METHOD prints 2x faster than leading desktop printers and offers a seamless CAD to Part workflow. 
Developed from the ground up leveraging industry-leading Stratasys® patents, Method features high quality components like a heated build chamber, precision dissolvable supports, and dry-sealed material bays. Perfect for manufacturing tools, end-user parts and functional prototypes. The Method X delivers maximum innovation with minimal investment.


Dual performance extruders
Dry-sealed material bays
100°C circulated heated build chamber
Wifi Connectivity and 21 on-board sensors
Remote monitoring and printing
25 Compatible CAD file types
5" Full-color capacitive touch screen
Over 300,000 hours of reliability testing


1 MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer
1 Spring Steel Build Plate
1 Model 1XA Performance Extruder 
1 Support 2XA Performance Extruder  
1 Nozzle Brush
1 Hex Key
1 USB A-to-B Cable
1 US Power Cord
1 EU Power Cord

Please Note: MakerBot materials sold separately. Removal of SR-30 support material requires Circulation Tank and Ecoworks™ cleaning agent available from 3rd-party resellers. For more information:

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