Support 2 Extruder for MakerBot METHOD (900-0013A)
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900-0013C Support 2 Extruder for MakerBot METHOD

Compatibility MakerBot METHOD
Vendor Part # 900-0013C
Availability In Stock
Vendor ID 900-0013C

High Speed Support Printing The Performance Extruder for Method is built for high-speed printing without compromising part accuracy. The Model 2 Performance Extruder is optimized for printing with soluble support material such as MakerBot Precision PVA. FEATURES Smart sensors for material management and print protection Greater torque with a 19:1 dural-drive gear ratio Lengthened thermal core with less than 60-second heat up time Quick-release locking extruder mount for high stability printing and easy swappability 1-year expected lifetime based on typical usage. *Typical usage is estimated at 1,500 hours of printing for the Support 2 Performance Extruder.