MakerBot METHOD X ASA Filament Red (.65kg, 1.43lb) (375-0035A)
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375-0035A MakerBot METHOD X ASA Filament

Compatibility MakerBot METHOD X
Vendor Part # 375-0035A
Availability In Stock

MakerBot Precision ASA is a weather-resistant 3D printing material designed to provide high-performance functional prototypes and end-use parts in demanding outdoor environments. Different from ABS, ASA has a thermoplastic formulation with a high UV resistance, which helps retain gloss, color and mechanical properties when exposed to outdoor elements. Ideal for demanding applications in the automotive, power and utilities, agriculture, oil & gas and mass transit industries. Compatible with SR-30 dissolvable support material. What's Included: 1 Spool of ASA Precision Model Material.