17-4 PH Media Cartridge
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BMD-MP0174 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Media Cartridge - Desktop Metal Studio+

Compatibility Desktop Metal Studio+ Metal 3D Printer
Vendor Part # BMD-MP0174
Availability In Stock
Color Stainless Steel - (BMD-MP0174)

17-4 PH is a martensitic precipitation - hardened stainless steel. It’s known for its corrosion resistance and high levels of strength and hardness, especially when heat treated. 17-4 can be heat treated to a variety of hardness and toughness levels, allowing users to customize post-sintering properties of the alloy to suit a wide variety of applications, including: Manufacturing machinery Chemical processing Food processing Pump components Valving Fasteners Jigs and fixtures The ability to use 17-4 PH with the Studio System’s extrusion-based metal 3D printing process (Bound Metal Deposition™ or BMD™) makes it easy for designers and engineers to print 17-4 parts on-demand in their office or lab. Teams can iterate quickly on prototype parts and achieve complex geometries that have not been possible with traditional manufacturing methods. These new capabilities, as well as a cost-effective solution for printing parts in low volume (think: custom one off or replacement parts), are especially important for applications requiring 17-4 PH.