Pack of 2 Objet RGD525, 1 KG (OBJ-04056)
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OBJ-04056 FullCure RGD525 Helios1 - High Temp - 1kg - 2 Pack

Compatibility Objet30 Prime V2 - Desktop Objet30 Prime v3 - Desktop Objet30 Pro V2 - Desktop Objet30 Pro v3 - Desktop
Vendor Part # OBJ-04056
Availability In Stock
Color High Temperature - (OBJ-04056)

High Temperature build material for the Objet30Pro 3D Printer. Combining thermal functionality with exceptional dimensional stability, this material is capable of simulating the thermal performance of engineering plastics. It is ideal for thermal testing of static parts such as hot air-flow or hot water-flow in pipes and faucets.