123-00402-S F123/F770 SERIES EXTRUSION HEAD - Black - Standard Extrusion head - ABS, ASA, ABS-CF10, PC-ABS, ABS-ESD7, Diran
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123-00402-S F123/F770 Standard Extrusion Head

Compatibility F170 Printer F270 Printer F370 Printer Stratasys F770
Vendor Part # 123-00402-S
Availability In Stock
Vendor ID 123-00402-S

For F123 Series and F770 3D Printers. Standard Extrusion head for ABS, ASA, ABS-CF10, PC-ABS, ABS-ESD7, and Diran materials. Excluding PLA.

This is a newer version of an older product. The previous version's Vendor Part # was 123-00401-S.